Founded in 1972, by a small group of television commercial production companies concerned with a single issue, today’s AICP has grown to represent exclusively, the interests of companies that specialize in producing commercials on various media – film, video, digital – for advertisers and agencies. AICP members account for 85 percent of all domestic commercials aired nationally, whether produced for traditional broadcast channels or non-traditional use.
AICP members are commercial production companies (General Members) and knowledgeable, reliable suppliers (Associate Members) that the industry depends on for state of the art equipment; sophisticated information; and services focused on production needs.

The Association’s National Officers, including five Directors At Large elected directly by the membership, representatives from each region, and associate members’ representatives make up the National Board of Directors. Working in conjunction with National Committees, this body sets policy as well as the overall agenda of the AICP.

With national offices in New York and Los Angeles, and with regional offices across the country, the association serves as a strong collective voice for this $5 billion-plus industry, addressing its many audiences within the advertising community, business circles and government offices; disseminating information; developing industry standards; providing education and programs; and facilitating dialogue both within its organization and between members of the AICP and their colleagues in the advertising community. As part of its effort to link with other members of the production community, the AICP invited the Association of Music Producers (AMP) to become an AICP affiliate. AMP Members are music production houses in the business of creating music and sound design for advertising, promos, and other commercial uses. AMP is a national organization formed for the purpose of addressing collectively the issues that affect each of its members individually.


Directors Guild of America

The Directors Guild of America is a labor organization that represents the creative and economic rights of directors and members of the directorial team working in film, television, commercials, documentaries, news, sports and new media.

Founded in 1936 when a small group of the best-known directors of the time joined together to protect the economic and creative rights of directors in motion pictures, the DGA is the world’s preeminent organization representing directors and members of the directorial team, including Directors, Assistant Directors, Unit Production Managers, Associate Directors, Stage Managers and Production Associates – 17,000 strong worldwide.






Free The Bid is a 501c3 non-profit initiative advocating on behalf of women directors for equal opportunities to bid on commercial jobs in the global advertising industry.

The pledge is a simple, easily implemented solution to the current state of gender inequality in commercial direction. The problem? A vicious cycle: if women’s bids are not being considered, they will have more difficulty crafting high quality reels, further preventing them from being considered for future opportunities.The solution? Agencies and brands pledge to include at least one woman’s bid on every triple-bid job!

Over 40 global ad agencies and 10 major brands have taken the pledge, and pledged agencies have reported hiring increases of women up to 400% within Free The Bid’s first year.

Along with the pledge, Free The Bid’s website contains a database of women directors, which is searchable by director’s skill sets, production company representation, and location. This resource is constantly updated in order to provide a wealth of options for pledged agencies and brands looking for a diverse selection of women to work with, making it virtually impossible not to be able to find a woman with relevant experience to bid on a potential job.